Member Organizations


These are the current participating organizations and their leaders

1 Haihe Tian – TCM American Alumni Association (TCMAAA)
2 Dazhi Chen- American TCM Society (ATCMS)
3 Xian Sheng Huang – American Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (AACMA)
4 Guixiang Yue – United Alliance of NYS Licensed Acupuncturists (UANYSLA )
5 Michelle Lau – American Association of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (AAATCM)
6 Chang San Xin – California Acupuncturist United Association (CAUA)
7 Jun Wang – Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS)
8 Zonglan Xu – Florida Acupuncture Association (FAA)
9 Fan Fan Jiang – California TCM University Alumni Association (TCMUAA)
10 Jerome Jiang – Alhambra medical University (AMU)
11 Ta Fang Chen – California Acupuncture Medical Association (CAMA)
12 Baolin Wu – American Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (AATCM)
13 Kiyo Tsubaki – Japanese Acupuncture Association of California (JAAC)
14 Jitao Bai – Chinese Acupuncture Association of Georgia (CAAG )
15 Changzhen Gong – American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(AAAOM)
16 Alex Feng – International Center for Integrative Medicine (ICIM )
17 HuaChang Su – California Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Association (CAOMA)
18 Qunhao Zhang – Massachusetts Society of Chinese Medicine (MSCM)
19 Amy Matecki (Ying Li) – Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs (SCAPE)
20 Yanzhu Liu – Acupuncture Corporation of America
21 Joanna Zhao – Five Branches University (FBU)
22 Huiwen Zhang – Nevada Oriental Medical Association (NOMA)
23 David Cai – American United Medical Association (AUMA)
24 Jianghua Liu – American Association of Chinese Herbs (AACH)
25 Hak Yang – Association of Korean Asian Medicine & Acupuncture of California (AKAMAC)
26 Guoxi Liu – American Asian Acupuncturist P.L.L.C.
27 Jing Chen – American AAA Medical Group
28 Li Xin Huang – American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM)
29 Angela Tu – National Federation of Chinese TCM Organizations (NFCTCMO)
30 Thomas Lee – U.S. Chinese Medicine Group (USCMG)
31 Phil Yang – Nine Star University of Health Science (NSUHS)
32 Yemeng Chen – New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( NYCTCM )
33 Baiqing Jon Hu – Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ASAOM) & Han University of Traditional Medicine (HUTM)
34 Qinshan Liu – Texas Association of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (TAAOM)
35 Daerr Reid – North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCAAOM)
36 Steve Paine – National Guild of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NGAOM)
37 Kap Pong Kim – Korean Acupuncture & Asian Medicine Association in USA (KAAMA)
38 Kenny Lau – Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine USA Campus (HUCMusac)